Saturday, 12 October 2013

Don’t Hate, Appreciate TAG!

Feeling down? or just want some inspiration? ..keep reading!

Last week I saw Charl from 'Ginger Girl Says' really make sense of a situation happening in the blogging community. Charl wrote a post all about the negative atmosphere which has been arising recently. In her post there were some really good points made including; 

              • we're not in primary school anymore, no playgrounds.
              • we are all in the same boat and all have the same passions.

I totally agree with Charl's post, instead of fighting/bitching/moaning with or at each other we should be praising each other. Helping one another and backing each other up.

I have to say the majority of us already do that, and we all seem to get along swimmingly. 
A lot of us are great friends with other inspiring bloggers and appreciate each others advice.

At the end of Charl's post she announced that she had made a TAG to help share the love and positivity in the blogging world. 
-This is what I am going to share with you today.

Don’t Hate, Appreciate TAG!
"I want you to tag 3 bloggers/blogs who inspire you. They can inspire you because you like their make up or they always dress nice or they make you laugh or you want to get drunk with them – I don’t care. They don’t have to be your best bloggy buddy, they don’t even have to know that you exist, they can be the Fleur de Forces or Tanya Burr or Jane from down the street who’s just signed up to Blogger and writes about what her cat does all day – as long as that blogger inspires you.
When you’ve written your post, tag them and then let them know on Twitter that you tagged them – tell them you love them, tell them they rock your world and you want to take them out for a Pumpkin Spiced Latte at Starbucks – lets get some positivity up in this blogger-sphere."

I'm sorry Char'l, but I kinda cheated and tagged 4 lovely bloggers. 
It just means i'm sharing more love!

Tattoo Tea Lady

I love Sophia's blog. With her straight forward opinionated reviews, always crystal clear AND pretty photographs and her love for everything beauty, she never fails to disappoint. Sophia inspires me with posting what it seems like every day and sometimes more. I think it really keeps the readers interested, well it certainly makes me come back to read more. I think perhaps this is something I can learn from Sophia and really improve my blog. Her posts are consistent but always so detailed and full of personality.

Cosmetic Crave

This is the blog that I love for everything make up. Hannah always has detailed reviews with loads of large clear pictures. Her photographs are one of the main focus points of her blog. I love how she describes and demonstrates the products through her photos and it's always easy to understand how she feels about all the products she mentions. I always read Hannah's blog for beauty advice, and somehow spend a lot of money, as I have to buy nearly all the products she recommends hehe.


Em is such a babe! Em's style of writing is incredible, she writes with such flare and personality and always shares great interesting content. It is one of those blogs where you can't stop reading - I'm addicted! Em writes about a range of topics including; beauty, fashion, food, travel and healthy lifestyle. Her blog design is sleek and simple and she always has amazing photographs. I love Em and her blog, and I think she is so inspiring.
Em's YouTube channel - Emshelx

Fleur De force

The lovely Fleur. Her blog was one of the first ever blogs I started reading. I guess in a way she was the one who inspired me to write about my love for beauty. To be correct my sister introduced me to blogs but after reading Fleur De Force's blog for a few months I decided to give it a go myself. Fleur has a simple template from blogger but the thing I love most about her blog is the content. Fleur always writes about interesting topics within beauty and I know I can trust her opinions on the products. Fleur also has 3 YouTube channels which I absolutely love.
FleurDeForce | FleurDeVlog | BrideDeForce

I would love it if any of you do Charl's TAG, it really does share the positivity of our blogging community. 

Feel free to leave a comment below :)

Love Charlotte xxx


  1. Thank you so much for including me and for the lovely things you said. It means the world! :) Lovely post xo

    1. Your welcomes :) glad you liked the post xx

  2. Aw Charlotte!! Thank you!! I really appreciate you including me in the post, makes me smile so much to know you enjoy reading my blog ..and sorry about influencing you to spend money, haha! So good of you to continue sharing the love :)) xxx

    1. Your welcomes lovely :) ahah it's fine the products are worth the money :P xxx

  3. I hate it when I see the odd nasty comment or the wrong attitude floating around on blogs. What is the point in it? This post is so relevant and I think it's great you are putting some positivity into the blogesphere! x Hayley-Eszti

    1. Yeah I know, there's no need for the rude comments and such. aww thanks :) x


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