Sunday, 23 December 2012

Festive Dresses Wishlist!

Hello peoples :) I am so excited for Christmas, and its nearly Christmas eve!
 I have been getting ready today with my family, so as I am in the Christmas mood my darling sister Annabelle and I are going to be posting our Festive Dresses Wishlists!   

Both our opinions on each others dresses will be commented below each picture.

South Lace Peek-a-Boo Dress - £32

Charlottes Opinions: I love this dress, especially in the festive season, the lace is beautiful and I think this dress would be lovely for a meal out. This is a new shape I have seen and I really like the style, for these reasons I would buy this dress!

Annabelles Opinions: I absolutely love the lace, and the style of it as it is only on the arms, and I also like the pleating. The dress is a bit pricey, but it is probably because I am not overly fond of it. 

Love Label Off Shoulder Belted Lace Dress - £39

Charlottes Opinions: This dress I feel is very Christmassy and i love the red lace. I feel the shape of the dress is very chic and I love the off shoulder look.

Annabelles Opinions: I love the colour of this dress, but I really don’t like the cut and shape of the dress and I definitely would not pay the £39 for it.

Love Label Off Shoulder Sequin Bodycon Dress - £49


Charlottes Opinions: This is my favourite dress for a new year party! The different colours of overlapping sequins give a fabulous texture to the dress, and the off the shoulder style gives this dress an extra ‘Sparkle’!

Annabelles Opinions: I like the cut and shape of the dress a lot, but the sequins of overly large and I am not a fan of them.

Love Label Sequin Mesh Panel Skater Dress - £31

Charlottes Opinions: I love this dress, the way the sequins are laid out, all on the front and then on the skirt on the back, leaving the top of the back plain. Definitely a party look I would go for.

Annabelles Opinions: I like this dress a lot and think the sequins are gorgeous and there is just the right amount of them, nothing to over powering. I also think the style and cut is beautiful.

Little Mistress Cut Out Embellished Prom Dress - £55

Charlottes Opinions: This dress I love, the cut out sides are the new style and I think they just make the dress, especially as the golden outline makes them stand out even more!

Annabelles Opinions: I like the cut of the dress and the sequins for detailing, I think it is perfect for new years. The back is stunning! I think I would pay the £55 for this dress, despite how much that seems, it is definitely worth it. 

Little Mistress Lace Bandeau Dress - £40

Charlottes Opinions: I like this red and black lace dress, a very nice fit, and the style is gorgeous.  I love the back of the dress, and the zip looks good quality.

Annabelles Opinions: The fit of this dress is beautiful and the colour is very Christmassy, perfect for a meal or party. The price is pretty decent, I would pay that much for it. 


Hope you love the dresses, and are feeling even more Christmassy now! 

love char_beyy x

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A quick catch up!

This is for all of you, who are excited for christmas!!! <3

Hello people's, sorry I haven't posted these last couple of days, been having a little time out with my boyfriend :)
Will start back blogging tomorrow!
Omg I'm so excited for Christmas, it's unbelievable... even more excited than I was when I was younger xD lol.
I have finished college for Christmas now and I am going shopping tomorrow for more Christmas presents! Can't help but sing Christmas songs all day long (hehe)

Thanks guys for the support for me starting blogs, it means a lot that your read these, and hopefully I'll get some more views :)

love char_beyy x

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Tag

Hello peoples, I felt the need to do this tag “Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday” because  it is nearly Christmas and I am so excited!!!

1.What's yourfavourite thing about Christmas?     
        Spending time with the family! Most definitely! Its a time when we all get tobe together without any interruptions and enjoy this happy time of year!

2. What's your favourite make-up look for thefestive season?
Probably my normal going out look glammed up! With loads of sparkles and lip gloss!

3. Real tree or fake tree?
Real Christmas Tree! I love my real Christmas tree’s. Its the special day whenwe all go out as a family to pick the tree and get a new Christmas decoration!

4. Giving presents or receiving presents?
Not gunna sound cheesy by saying GIVING! I just like a bit of both. I lovegiving presents when I  have tried reallyhard to get the perfect present for someone, but then there is always theexcitement of finding out what you will be getting from your loved ones.

5. Do you open presents Christmas morning oreve/evening? 
Both! I get up really early and wake my little sister up and we go down stairsto see if Santa has been. Then we talk excitedly while waiting until we wakethe rest of the family up. When we are all awake we open are stockings! :D Wethen have a look at what we have got given and get dressed, while mum startscooking breakfast (I just eat chocolate :P) After breakfast we open a fewpresents from under the tree while Christmas Lunch is cooking. We have a fewbreaks in-between opening sets of presents, to keep the excitement goingthroughout the whole day! We then gather round the dining room for Christmaslunch. We pull crackers, open table presents, read the jokes and put on thepaper hats. After food we go for a lovely walk in the crisp winter air! When wecome back we open more presents and then settle down to watch Christmas TV! 

6. Handmade cards or bought?
Brought, but sometimes if I have the materials i handmake some for specialpeople.

7. What's your favourite Christmas film?
“Miracle on 34th Street”! I absolutely love this film, my all timeChristmas favourite. Makes me feel so happy and Christmassy! 

8. What's your favourite Christmas food?
Chocolate, and loads of it!!!

9. What's your favourite Christmas song?
“Santa Baby” by Kyle Minogue 

10. What's your favourite Christmas memory?
So many Christmas Memories, but my most memorable is putting out thestockings, cherry, mince pies and carrots for Santa and the Reindeer oneChristmas eve, and when I woke up, there was snow on the floor and up thechimney, footprints, the mince pie half eaten, cherry drunk, and the carrotsnibbled on.  It made my Christmas veryspecial!

So there we go peoples, that was my “Oh Iwish it could be Christmas everyday” tag! Hope enjoyed me sharing my Christmasfeelings with you!
Love Char_Beyy x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hair Dye Review!

Hello peoples, this is my review on different hair dyes! I have tried many different hair dye brands and have been many different colours over the past two years on my quest to find the perfect colour for me. In this review I will be explaining which brands I like and the advantages and disadvantages.

Garnier Nutrisse Crème
I have used this hair dye many a time, the first time I used it I was going a medium brown. I applied it to my roots first and then after 10 minutes I covered the rest of my hair. My problem with this hair dye is that when you are hair is already dyed and your  roots are showing the dye does not take well to the roots. The dye is easy to apply but if you get some on your face or clothes it is hard to get off.

Nice 'n Easy
This was the first hair dye I ever used, I was going from my natural white blonde hair to a light brown. The dye is easy to use and gives a good all round coverage. Unfortunately as my hair was so light it made my hair a gingery colour (not a good look when its a bright orange!)

Nice ’n Easy Colour Blend Foam
I tried this dye after I used it on my mums hair and it worked really well. Much easier to apply than normal dye and the coverage is great. A few roots were left un-dyed but not a major problem. The conditioning treatment I applied afterwards gave my hair loads of texture.

Live colour XXL
I have only used this hair dye a few times, due to the fact I don't think it is that good. The dye is very messy and stains really easily. A medium brown turned my hair dark brown, and a purple turned my hair jet black with a tint of blue shine. Another problem I found is that the dye leaves your hair in a terrible condition and takes a few trims and plenty of conditioner to make your hair healthy again.

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour
This is my favourite hair dye at the moment. It gives your hair a very rich colour and a healthy looking shine. Great all round coverage, and easy to use as it is foam. This dye is a bit more expensive than the other dyes but in my opinion well worth it. The conditioning cream is excellent and leaves your hair feeling silky soft! 

Hope you enjoyed my hair dye review :) I gave you my honest opinions and personal experiences!

love Char_Beyy x

Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas clothes wish list!

Hello peoples, for my next blog I am going to share with you some different clothes that are on my Christmas wish list! :)

1. All in at the moment are leather jackets, and I absolutely love this one from New Look!

2   2. One of my favourite new brands is Ed Hardy, I love the style its so different!

3   3. This style of top has in been for a while but I think its still as cute as ever!

d   4. Just a colourful fresh t-shirt to wear with almost anything!

   5. A luscious red plain t-shirt which stands out without many added accessories!

h   6. Some gorgeous light blue skinny jeans, always need some of these!

7    7. A cosy grey jumper for whatever season!

     8. I just love this unique style of top, something I would wear out shopping!

f    9. A cute long lace top, could be worn with leggings!


1   10. Lovely black hoodie to wear with nearly every outfit!

1    11. Another gorgeous black hoodie, just for a change!

    Well that was just some items from my Christmas Clothes Wish List. Hope you like them :)

     Char_Beyy x

Thursday, 13 December 2012

This Or That Tag!

This Or That Tag!
Well hello peoples.. this is my first blog and it is dedicated to my gorgeous sister Annabelle,
Hope you enjoy :)

Make up
Blusher or Bronzer - Oooh difficult one, I love both! Probably blush as I like a bit of colour in my cheeks.
Eyeliner or Mascara - Eyeliner!!!Yes I know its weird as everyone loves mascara, but for me Eyeliner is a must.. I love how it opens my eyes out!
Lipgloss or Lipstick - Lipstick as it adds colour to my look, but I love my Vaseline too!
Foundation or Concealer - Definitely Foundation! Don't think I could live without it, however finding the right one is the problem.
Neutral or Coloured Eye Shadow - Neutral, I always have neutral eyes.. except occasionally when im doing the smoky eye look.
Pressed or Loose Eye Shadows - Pressed as I find them easier to use and less messy!
Brushes or Sponges - Brushes as I have just found a brush that works really well, the No7 Foundation Brush!

Jeans or Sweatpants - Jeans.. I love my skinny jeans!
Long or Short Sleeves - Short!
Dresses or Skirts - Dresses!
Strips or Plain - Plain!
Flip flops or Sandals - Sandals.. cant stand things between my toes!
Scarf's or Hats - A cosy scarf!
Studs or  Dangly Earrings - Studs!
Necklaces or Bracelets - Necklaces!
Heels or Flats - Flats! ..although heels for parties!
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots -   Cowboy boots!
Jacket or Jumper - Jacket.Hoodie!

OPI or China glaze - To be honest I don't really do that much with my nails!
Long or Short - Fairly short.. I reasonable length I think!
Acrylic or Natural - Natural but on special occasions Acrylic!
Brights or Darks - Neither most likely Pale or Bright!

Perfume or Body Spray - Perfume! My favourite was a DKNY summer special.
Body Wash or Soap - Body Wash, nice smelling ones!
Lotion or Body Butter - Lotion!

Curly or Straight - Straight!
Bun or Ponytail - Messy Bun!
Hairspray or Gel - Hairspray.. less sticky!
Long or Short - Long, I miss my long hair :( !
Light or Dark - Dark? ..mid brown!
Side Fringe or Full Fringe - Definitely Side Fringe!
Up or Down - Down!

That's it peoples :) I hope you liked my first blog and my answers.
Feel free to comment!

Love Char_Beyy x