Sunday, 23 December 2012

Festive Dresses Wishlist!

Hello peoples :) I am so excited for Christmas, and its nearly Christmas eve!
 I have been getting ready today with my family, so as I am in the Christmas mood my darling sister Annabelle and I are going to be posting our Festive Dresses Wishlists!   

Both our opinions on each others dresses will be commented below each picture.

South Lace Peek-a-Boo Dress - £32

Charlottes Opinions: I love this dress, especially in the festive season, the lace is beautiful and I think this dress would be lovely for a meal out. This is a new shape I have seen and I really like the style, for these reasons I would buy this dress!

Annabelles Opinions: I absolutely love the lace, and the style of it as it is only on the arms, and I also like the pleating. The dress is a bit pricey, but it is probably because I am not overly fond of it. 

Love Label Off Shoulder Belted Lace Dress - £39

Charlottes Opinions: This dress I feel is very Christmassy and i love the red lace. I feel the shape of the dress is very chic and I love the off shoulder look.

Annabelles Opinions: I love the colour of this dress, but I really don’t like the cut and shape of the dress and I definitely would not pay the £39 for it.

Love Label Off Shoulder Sequin Bodycon Dress - £49


Charlottes Opinions: This is my favourite dress for a new year party! The different colours of overlapping sequins give a fabulous texture to the dress, and the off the shoulder style gives this dress an extra ‘Sparkle’!

Annabelles Opinions: I like the cut and shape of the dress a lot, but the sequins of overly large and I am not a fan of them.

Love Label Sequin Mesh Panel Skater Dress - £31

Charlottes Opinions: I love this dress, the way the sequins are laid out, all on the front and then on the skirt on the back, leaving the top of the back plain. Definitely a party look I would go for.

Annabelles Opinions: I like this dress a lot and think the sequins are gorgeous and there is just the right amount of them, nothing to over powering. I also think the style and cut is beautiful.

Little Mistress Cut Out Embellished Prom Dress - £55

Charlottes Opinions: This dress I love, the cut out sides are the new style and I think they just make the dress, especially as the golden outline makes them stand out even more!

Annabelles Opinions: I like the cut of the dress and the sequins for detailing, I think it is perfect for new years. The back is stunning! I think I would pay the £55 for this dress, despite how much that seems, it is definitely worth it. 

Little Mistress Lace Bandeau Dress - £40

Charlottes Opinions: I like this red and black lace dress, a very nice fit, and the style is gorgeous.  I love the back of the dress, and the zip looks good quality.

Annabelles Opinions: The fit of this dress is beautiful and the colour is very Christmassy, perfect for a meal or party. The price is pretty decent, I would pay that much for it. 


Hope you love the dresses, and are feeling even more Christmassy now! 

love char_beyy x


  1. My favourite is DEFFO the Little Mistress Cut Out Embellished Prom Dress :)
    Lots of love
    You lil sis :D

    1. D hehe! Oi your my lil sis :P xxxxxx

  2. My favourite is the first one!

    Merry Christmas! :)

    1. hehe, its lovely :)

      Merry Christmas


  3. Love te Forst One! Which One die Ou Wear ? Co merry Xmas

    1. in the end I wore a completely different one lol x

  4. hi i just started following you i love your blog im looking foward to reading more!
    my favourite dress is the little mistress cut out embellished prom dress, its gorgeous! Xx

    1. hehe thank you :) I will have a look and your blogs now xx

  5. The Little Mistress dresses are very pretty and so much of the range has been reduced since Christmas x Lovely post x


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