Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sleek Face Form Kit Review!

Hello ma'lovelys, now you may remember about a month ago I came back all excited from a Cardiff shopping trip with a few .. I mean loads of new products to try.

Within that bunch of goodies is this little delight.
Sleek Face Form Kit!

I was so excited to open up this palette to see what it looked like. As the title of the product suggests, the packaging is very 'Sleek' looking. 

 It's bit like the NARS packaging (well from what I've heard) it gets dirty easily and shows up makeup smudges on the front of the palette.

In the palette you get a contour powder, a highlighter powder and a blusher. With the darker shades you get a bronzer instead of a blush.

I got this palette in the shade light. There is also a fair palette but they are basically the same. With both the light and fair palette, they come with the blusher 'Rose Gold'.

The contour powder is a matte soft brown colour. You can lightly dust your brush in the powder or if you want a more intense contour you can build it up and it will darken, yet not look cakey.

The highlighting powder is beautiful. It is a very light powder with a hint of gold in it, almost a champagney colour.

As for the blush, I've been told this is a dupe for the NARS orgasm blush (if I do end up buying it in my next shopping trip, there will definitely be a comparison post).
Rose Gold blush is a gorgeous coral shade with shimmer running through it. When applied lightly it leaves a subtle hint of colour, but again is easily buildable. 

As with all Sleek products, the powders are highly pigmented. 
What I love about this whole palette is that its very versatile and you can get a lot of use and different looks from it.

I have been in love with this palette since I got it, and still use it constantly. Its definitely worth the £10 and would repurchase this when I run out, (this should be in a long time as a little goes a long way).

You can buy this palette from the Sleek website online here. Or from Superdrug online and instore.

I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave a comment below :)

Love Charlotte xxx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer Weather Beauty Products!

Hello ma'lovelys, hope you are all well on this fine day. 

So we all know the weather in the UK recently has been HOT HOT HOT! 
There's been enough moaning on the social networking sites, that when the weather changes back to its good old rainy self, we'll all wish we made the most of these sunny days. 

Today I am going to share with you some of my Summer favorites that will help you cope with the heat.

Estee Lauder Splash Away Cleansing Foam
 and  Lancome Galatéis Douceur Cleanser.

These two products are great for summer. The Estee Lauder splash away is a light cleanser that you can use in the morning to get rid of any impurities on your skin which have developed over night. Where as the Lancome Cleanser is very deep cleansing and is perfect to take your makeup off at night, as it takes away the makeup AND the grease and oils from your face which occurred from the heat. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean.

Feme Fresh Soap Free Wash and Original Source - Vanilla Milk & Raspberry Shower Cream.

I love the Feme Fresh Soap Free Wash, as I can use it on any part of my body which has sensitive skin and it wont irritate or sting. Its a gorgeous refreshing soap. A new favourite of mine is the Orginal Source Vanilla and Raspberry Shower Cream, it smells AMAZING and leaves the skin feeling super soft.

Argan Oil - Hydrating Hair Mask and Revlon - Flex Keratin Shampoo.

In the summer my hair tends to dry out from the heat of the sun, so I like a really like a thick rich treatment for my hair to keep it nourished and hydrated. This Argan Oil Hydrating Mask is perfect for that, it leaves my hair feeling silk smooth and gives it a real healthy shine. I also find because of the heat my hair tends to get more greasy, so I use Revlon's Flex Keratin Shampoo to cleanse my hair and get rid of build up.

Umberto Giannini Easy Straight Blow Dry Spray and St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mouse - Medium.

Once i've washed my hair sometimes I like to dry it with a hair dryer. I try not to use straighteners in the summer as the sun is already putting enough heat on my hair. To achieve a straightened look I use the Umberto Giannini Easy Straight Dry Spray. These helps my hair straighten while drying it, but also leaves my hair full and textured. When it comes to tanning, I tend to use around a factor 30 SPF sun cream and never burn or tan. So I have milk bottle legs all year round. To help me get a golden brown tan that every women desires, I use the St Moriz tanning mouse in Medium. This gives me an all over, non streaky tan, which I love!

These are the summer products I love and use and would highly recommend because they work for me.
Hope your all enjoying your summer, wherever you may be!

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Love Charlotte xxx

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Guest Post - Kim from Mainely Fashion!

5 Easy Summer Beauty Swaps!

Hello readers of Little Miss C! Today, Charlotte has allowed me to write a guest post for you all. My name is Kim, and I have a blog that I'm sure a lot of you would enjoy as well! It's called Mainely Fashion (no, that's not a typo on mainly), and you can check it out here.

We are finally in the mist of those treasured summer days! You might be prepared, but are your favorite products matched up for the season? Today, I'm going to suggest five simple beauty and body swaps that can be made for the warmer weather so that you can be prepared for anything under the sun - literally!

Swap #1: Triple Moisture Body Cream for Lotion
With the summer heat and humidity, there's really no need to be using heavy creams all over your body that can feel like they're sticking to you more than helping your skin. Instead, switch to lighter products such as a lotion that can help moisturize and make you smell good. The one pictured from Bath & Body Works has the option of including shimmer in the lotion, so you can sparkle in the sunlight as well!

Swap #2: Foundation for BB Cream 
Cakey foundation is never anyone's ideal look, but that's exactly what happens when your face is exposed to water or sweat. BB Creams have become very popular over the last few years for exactly this reason. They're light and lotion-like while providing coverage for you skin. Many even include sunscreen, which is beneficial during these summer months.

Swap #3: Regular Nail Polish for Sparkly Colors
Summer is the time for experimenting and trying something new, so why not switch up your nail look? If you normally go with something glossy or matte, try some glitter nail polish! Even if you don't want all 10 fingers to be glitzy, one accent nail can change a whole manicure. There are lots of new options that nail companies have tested this season, such as fuzzy polish or sugar coats. Check your local retailer for some ideas!

Swap #4: Winter Hand Sanitizers for Summer Scents
Hand sanitizer is a must for me any time of year, but especially in the summer. No one wants to spend a day at the beach and not have a way to wash them before eating! Don't stick with winter scents; lighter, more tropical ones will fit the mood better!

Swap #5: Black Eyeliner for White or Colorful Liner
Why stick with black eyeliner every day when you could add some new shades to your eyes? I use white in my inner eye to brighten them up, and sometimes I line my entire bottom line to lighten my face if I don't want to use any dark colors. The other option in the picture is a purple eyeliner, which is a great alternative if you still want something that will make your eyes pop. Try out other unique colors this summer for eyeliner, and let me know what you think!

Thanks to Charlotte for allowing me to be a guest blogger! Be sure to check out Mainely Fashion on my blog, and to follow on BloglovinTwitterTumblr, & Instagram!

A big thank you to Kim for writing this blog post, you should definitely check out her lovely blog:

Love Charlotte xxx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Guest Post - Emily from Beauty and the Budget!

Emily from Beauty and the Budget!

I've tried quite a few Montagne Jeunesse (MJ) masks and I am on a mission to find the perfect one for my skin. Luckily, each mask in only a pound so trying out their range isn't going to break the bank. I have tried the strawberries and cream mask and the passion fruit peel off and I really liked them both so I had high hopes for this cucumber peel off mask.

As with all the MJ masks, this is packaged in a little plastic sachet which can be a little messy. I always only just make a little cut at the top and squeeze it out because you can always get 2 uses out of sachets without it going off.

The smell of this is quite strong when you apply it. It's a sweet fruity smell, very pleasant but if you don't like it, it doesn't hang around for too long. The formula is a green quite sticky, thick liquid. I left this on for about 10 minutes all over my face and it dried up quickly allowing me to peel it off all in one go.

This mask claims to help clean pores however I didn't find it had any affect on my pores which was a shame. But I did find that this was really cooling and refreshing and it was very relaxing indeed. My skin did feel a little perkier and brighter after using it but the results were not very dramatic.

I still don't think this is the MJ mask for my skin but still, it is a lovely mask and let's face it, for a pound why not have a girly night in and get the face masks on!

Smells really good
Peels off really well
Skin feels brighter
Really cheap
2-3 applications per packet

Did not help pores
Slightly messy

You can purchase this here for £1

Beauty and the Budget

A big thank you to Emily for writing this blog post, she has a lovely blog over at 
you should definitely check it out :) 

Love Charlotte xxx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bronzed Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Hello ma'lovelys, today I will be showing you my bronzed eye makeup tutorial.

I applied my normal face makeup and then I started on my eyes.
For this look I used my MUA 12 Shade Undressed Palette.

To fill in my eyebrows I used this matte brown shade. 

For the base I covered my lids all over with this light shimmery shade which has a hint of pink to it.

I then used the same matte brown shade that I used on my eyebrows and applied that to my crease.

I then added this glittery brown shade to middle and outer corner of my lid.

Next I added this darker glittery brown shade to outer corner of my lid and blended it up through the crease.

To brighten up this look, I added this amazing glittery gold shade to the inner corner and bottom part of my lid.


Finally I added the light shimmery shade to my brown bone and tear duct.

To line I used my L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect slim liner. I then added two coats of my Clinique High Impact Curling mascara.

To finish off the look I added this gorgeous lipstick - Estee Lauder Pure Colour 14 Rose Petal.

This is the final look!

 I hope you liked this makeup tutorial.
If you have any suggestions of a makeup look you would like me to create, let me know in the comment box below.

Love Charlotte xxx

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lancome Foundation & Philosophy Primer Review - with reference to gossmakeupartist!

Hello ma'lovelys, as promised here are my reviews of the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation and the Philosophy The Present Primer. 

I will start with the Philosophy The Present Primer as it is what you would apply first when doing your makeup. 
I had heard many different reviews about this product, many great ones but there was some confusion and arguments about the ingredients used within the product. 

Apparently because it contains lavender oil it could cause problems with the skin. Lavender oil is photosensitive so if you go out during the day with it on you may develop a rash. 

This being said it did make me a little weary of buying the product, however lots of reviews said it hardly ever happens, its just a reaction the ingredient has with some skin types. 

I think buying this product is a bit of a risk, especially as it costs £22. However if your up for taking a risk to find the perfect primer, you should definitely give it a whirl. 
I did and I love it!

It is a white cream but does have a slight gel consistency to it, as it feels so silky smooth when being applied. It is creamy and has quite a thick texture. I use about a 5 pence piece worth of product, and that covers my entire face nicely. It feels so smooth but is quite sticky when first applied, however not for long. The instructions say to wait about 2 minutes for the product to soak in, and once it has it dries to a lovely matte finish. You can then apply your foundation over the top.

For me it really helped my makeup last. It created a lovely smooth base for my makeup and minimized the appearance of my pores.

As the amazing Wayne from gossmakeupartist says:
'Its like super glue for the face!'


Next up is the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation.
I had never brought or used any products from Lancome until this foundation, so i didn't really know what to expect. 
I had heard loads of opinons about Lancome products, but always thought of it as an older person's brand. 

In a way yes Lancome is for older ladies as they have many great products for that type of skin. However from having such a lovely time at my local counter, I found so many amazing products for younger skin. I definitely recommend you trying some of them out. Anyways back to the review.

This is a lovely full coverage foundation. It covers all my imperfections beautifully and gives me a lovely flawless complexion.

 It leaves quite a dewy finish so I normally apply some of my Rimmel London Beautifully Matte Powder as I prefer a more of a matte finish. I got this foundation in the shade 03 which is normally a few shades darker the my natural skin, however since I have caught a bit of tan recently this is a perfection match.

 Also this foundation has SPF15 which is great for the summer to help protect you from the rays. Overall I am really happy with this foundation, exactly what I was looking for.

I hope you liked this review on these two products. 
I love them both, you should definitely check them out.

Feel free to comment below :)
Love Charlotte xxx