All products that are written about on this blog , have been brought by myself unless stated otherwise. I always give my 100% honest opinion on anything that is reviewed on my blog as the aim of my blog is to provide my followers with helpful information based on my own views.

PR Companies:
I am PR friendly and I am quite happy to review brands and products on my blog. All reviews will be based on my honest opinion and I reserve the right to decline if the brand/product does not fit my blogs criteria.
If you are PR company and would like to contact me about featuring one of your products/brands on my blog please do not hesitate to email me at:

Copy right:
 Images used on http://littlemissclouise.blogspot.co.uk are taken by myself, other images that I have used are already available in multiple places on the Internet and are believed to be in public domains. The images that I have posted are believed to be within my own rights according to the U.K. Copyright Fair Use Act. However, if you think that any content appearing on the website infringes your copyright, please let me know by emailing charlottemudge@gmail.com and changes will be made appropriately.

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