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Guest Post - Kim from Mainely Fashion!

5 Easy Summer Beauty Swaps!

Hello readers of Little Miss C! Today, Charlotte has allowed me to write a guest post for you all. My name is Kim, and I have a blog that I'm sure a lot of you would enjoy as well! It's called Mainely Fashion (no, that's not a typo on mainly), and you can check it out here.

We are finally in the mist of those treasured summer days! You might be prepared, but are your favorite products matched up for the season? Today, I'm going to suggest five simple beauty and body swaps that can be made for the warmer weather so that you can be prepared for anything under the sun - literally!

Swap #1: Triple Moisture Body Cream for Lotion
With the summer heat and humidity, there's really no need to be using heavy creams all over your body that can feel like they're sticking to you more than helping your skin. Instead, switch to lighter products such as a lotion that can help moisturize and make you smell good. The one pictured from Bath & Body Works has the option of including shimmer in the lotion, so you can sparkle in the sunlight as well!

Swap #2: Foundation for BB Cream 
Cakey foundation is never anyone's ideal look, but that's exactly what happens when your face is exposed to water or sweat. BB Creams have become very popular over the last few years for exactly this reason. They're light and lotion-like while providing coverage for you skin. Many even include sunscreen, which is beneficial during these summer months.

Swap #3: Regular Nail Polish for Sparkly Colors
Summer is the time for experimenting and trying something new, so why not switch up your nail look? If you normally go with something glossy or matte, try some glitter nail polish! Even if you don't want all 10 fingers to be glitzy, one accent nail can change a whole manicure. There are lots of new options that nail companies have tested this season, such as fuzzy polish or sugar coats. Check your local retailer for some ideas!

Swap #4: Winter Hand Sanitizers for Summer Scents
Hand sanitizer is a must for me any time of year, but especially in the summer. No one wants to spend a day at the beach and not have a way to wash them before eating! Don't stick with winter scents; lighter, more tropical ones will fit the mood better!

Swap #5: Black Eyeliner for White or Colorful Liner
Why stick with black eyeliner every day when you could add some new shades to your eyes? I use white in my inner eye to brighten them up, and sometimes I line my entire bottom line to lighten my face if I don't want to use any dark colors. The other option in the picture is a purple eyeliner, which is a great alternative if you still want something that will make your eyes pop. Try out other unique colors this summer for eyeliner, and let me know what you think!

Thanks to Charlotte for allowing me to be a guest blogger! Be sure to check out Mainely Fashion on my blog, and to follow on BloglovinTwitterTumblr, & Instagram!

A big thank you to Kim for writing this blog post, you should definitely check out her lovely blog:

Love Charlotte xxx


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  2. This is a great idea for a blogspot! I totally agree with changing foundation for BB cream :) x

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  3. I like this post. I definitely agree with the swap foundation for a BB cream.

    Olivia xxx
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  4. Great post! Definately have ditched my foundation in this heat but I didnt even consider BB cream, just been using concealer and powder as skin is behaving itself. I always forget how much I love BB creams.

    Carrie x


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