Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sleek Face Form Kit Review!

Hello ma'lovelys, now you may remember about a month ago I came back all excited from a Cardiff shopping trip with a few .. I mean loads of new products to try.

Within that bunch of goodies is this little delight.
Sleek Face Form Kit!

I was so excited to open up this palette to see what it looked like. As the title of the product suggests, the packaging is very 'Sleek' looking. 

 It's bit like the NARS packaging (well from what I've heard) it gets dirty easily and shows up makeup smudges on the front of the palette.

In the palette you get a contour powder, a highlighter powder and a blusher. With the darker shades you get a bronzer instead of a blush.

I got this palette in the shade light. There is also a fair palette but they are basically the same. With both the light and fair palette, they come with the blusher 'Rose Gold'.

The contour powder is a matte soft brown colour. You can lightly dust your brush in the powder or if you want a more intense contour you can build it up and it will darken, yet not look cakey.

The highlighting powder is beautiful. It is a very light powder with a hint of gold in it, almost a champagney colour.

As for the blush, I've been told this is a dupe for the NARS orgasm blush (if I do end up buying it in my next shopping trip, there will definitely be a comparison post).
Rose Gold blush is a gorgeous coral shade with shimmer running through it. When applied lightly it leaves a subtle hint of colour, but again is easily buildable. 

As with all Sleek products, the powders are highly pigmented. 
What I love about this whole palette is that its very versatile and you can get a lot of use and different looks from it.

I have been in love with this palette since I got it, and still use it constantly. Its definitely worth the £10 and would repurchase this when I run out, (this should be in a long time as a little goes a long way).

You can buy this palette from the Sleek website online here. Or from Superdrug online and instore.

I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave a comment below :)

Love Charlotte xxx


  1. Great post and review love! I have the orinigal contouring palette, the one without the blush and love it! It's so pigmented and works so well doesn't it! You look amazing!


  2. you look gorgeous!! I love the overall look that can be created with it :) ..seriously lusting over it after reading this!! xx

  3. Oh, I want this! It's a perfect combination of shades and it's 3in1! So perfect!

  4. This sounds pretty awesome. Was never really too sure about this before, as I’d heard of it but was a bit... meh before, but will be grabbing it now you recommended it, definitely going to try it out. x
    Heroine In Heels

  5. Love your blog! You're so pretty, I love that last picture of you. ^__^

    Tabitha Chew


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