Thursday, 13 December 2012

This Or That Tag!

This Or That Tag!
Well hello peoples.. this is my first blog and it is dedicated to my gorgeous sister Annabelle,
Hope you enjoy :)

Make up
Blusher or Bronzer - Oooh difficult one, I love both! Probably blush as I like a bit of colour in my cheeks.
Eyeliner or Mascara - Eyeliner!!!Yes I know its weird as everyone loves mascara, but for me Eyeliner is a must.. I love how it opens my eyes out!
Lipgloss or Lipstick - Lipstick as it adds colour to my look, but I love my Vaseline too!
Foundation or Concealer - Definitely Foundation! Don't think I could live without it, however finding the right one is the problem.
Neutral or Coloured Eye Shadow - Neutral, I always have neutral eyes.. except occasionally when im doing the smoky eye look.
Pressed or Loose Eye Shadows - Pressed as I find them easier to use and less messy!
Brushes or Sponges - Brushes as I have just found a brush that works really well, the No7 Foundation Brush!

Jeans or Sweatpants - Jeans.. I love my skinny jeans!
Long or Short Sleeves - Short!
Dresses or Skirts - Dresses!
Strips or Plain - Plain!
Flip flops or Sandals - Sandals.. cant stand things between my toes!
Scarf's or Hats - A cosy scarf!
Studs or  Dangly Earrings - Studs!
Necklaces or Bracelets - Necklaces!
Heels or Flats - Flats! ..although heels for parties!
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots -   Cowboy boots!
Jacket or Jumper - Jacket.Hoodie!

OPI or China glaze - To be honest I don't really do that much with my nails!
Long or Short - Fairly short.. I reasonable length I think!
Acrylic or Natural - Natural but on special occasions Acrylic!
Brights or Darks - Neither most likely Pale or Bright!

Perfume or Body Spray - Perfume! My favourite was a DKNY summer special.
Body Wash or Soap - Body Wash, nice smelling ones!
Lotion or Body Butter - Lotion!

Curly or Straight - Straight!
Bun or Ponytail - Messy Bun!
Hairspray or Gel - Hairspray.. less sticky!
Long or Short - Long, I miss my long hair :( !
Light or Dark - Dark? ..mid brown!
Side Fringe or Full Fringe - Definitely Side Fringe!
Up or Down - Down!

That's it peoples :) I hope you liked my first blog and my answers.
Feel free to comment!

Love Char_Beyy x


  1. Very nice ;) strange how different our answers are ! ;) loved it though sweetie ;)

  2. Ooh. Another blush girl! Ha ha, I forgot to mention my love for messy buns in mine yet it's my go to style!!
    Lovely first post!!

    -Natalie xxxxx

  3. Great tag, messy bun is my favourite hair style :)


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