Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Guest Post - A beauty hamper your skin will love!

Hello lovely's today I have a guest post from the 'Your Hamper' company. 

Yourhamper.com is a company that lets you create different types of hampers. You can pick and choose items from a variety of products to design your personalized gift/treat.

Today they are going to talk about creating a hamper for all you beauty junkies or just for a special gift.

 A beauty hamper your skin will love!

One thing we love about Charlotte’s blog, perhaps even more than her lovely picture posts, is the 

way in which she gets us excited about the bigger picture. You’ll rarely find a review for just a lipstick 

or just a foundation without seeing how the products will all fit together in a complete look. As we 

create gift hampers for people to send to people they care about, this is something that’s always on 

our mind. 

You see, when most people decide to send a hamper, a wide range of products are thrown in; 

although the recipient will of course be glad to receive such a thoughtful gift, there will always be 

those few items that are put to one side. With that in mind, we thought we’d share an example of 

how to create a gift hamper around a specific theme for someone you might care about – or for 

you to drop a hint to someone as an ideal treat for you! Here is what we think are the all-essential 

ingredients for a birthday or Christmas hamper that your skin will love. There might be a few 

surprises too...

Body Butter 

Body butter is undoubtedly the first product that needs to be placed inside your beauty hamper. 

Because our skin takes in everything we smear onto it and can end up drying out, there are not many 

products better for your skin than a good dose of body butter. It forms a further barrier for your skin 

to provide protection from all weather types; whether you’re in the sweltering sun or in freezing 

cold conditions, your skin is kept with its own moisturising cocoon. The increased softness in your 

skin is noticeable just a few hours after its first use, and this particular item in your hamper is bound 

to go down a treat with any woman. 

Dark Chocolate

This may come as a surprise to somebody receiving a beauty-themed hamper, but dark chocolate 

has been out highlighted as one of the top 10 foods for healthy skin, which is brilliant news for all 

you chocoholics out there! Brazil nuts are also particularly good for clear skin due to the fact they 

contain minerals such as Selenium, deficiencies of which have been known to cause acne. So why 

not mix the two and have luxury Brazils covered in dark chocolate? Pampering yourself has never 

been tastier!

Hand and Body Lotion

No beauty hamper is complete without a sweet-smelling hand and body lotion. We love this one in 

particular as it certainly smells as refreshed as it feels, and if you’re giving it away the lucky recipient 

will remember exactly who bought it for them whenever they smell the aroma on their smooth 

skin. The best lotions to go for are those that seal in the skin’s natural oils without leaving a greasy 

residue, leaving your skin in perfect condition.

Peppermint Tea 

The British are known for their serial tea drinking, but surprisingly, peppermint tea boasts a whole 

host of great skin benefits. Pop it into a hamper for someone as a present; as well as enjoying a 

flavour they might not normally buy for themselves, they’ll also find that cold peppermint teabags 

are heavenly for tired, itchy or red eyes to soothe them. 

Although a few of these suggestions may sound unusual , It won’t be long until you notice the 

difference this hamper will make to how your skin looks and feels. If you give it away, your lucky 

friend or family member will thank you considerably for such a thoughtful and effective gift. Luckily, 

this may also mean that they could work even harder when it’s their turn to give you a present!

The team at yourhamper.com would like to say a big thank you to Charlotte for allowing us a little of 

her blog space to call our own.

Thank you to the lovely team at 'Your Hamper' for writing this guest post.

They have some lovely products you should definitely check their website out.

Love Charlotte xxx

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