Monday, 7 January 2013

52 things for 52 weeks!

Hello Peoples, My blog for today is a TAG I found on my sisters blog ’52 things for 52 weeks’. I have never been one for sticking to my new years resolutions, (my no chocolate diet has gone out the window already!) but I hope I can complete some of these 52 ideas this year!

Here it goes ~deep breath~

1.  Find a new part time job
2.  Pass my IT course
3.  Keep my bedroom tidy and organised
4.  Treat myself occasionally
5.  Find a new hobby
6.  Save up money for the future
7.  Find a good career path
8.  Eat more healthy
9.  Do more exercise for the healthy lifestyle
10. Find my own fashion style
11. Learn to drive finally
12. Try to keep up with blogging (for my lovely followers)
13. Visit my godmother with the boyfriend
14. Finally finish decorating my bedroom
15. Write in my diary
16. Start back on instagram
17. Do photography at least once a week
18. Practice my cooking skills
19. Get photographs in the many empty picture frames I have
20. Take more pictures of myself, family, friends and boyfriend to have the memories
21. Try to be less sensitive
22. To become a veggie lover
23. Grow my hair
24. Spend more time with Annabelle
25. Go on holiday
26. Go for a long walk in the fresh air once a week
27. Try out some more beauty products
28. Go on a big shopping trip
29. Paint my nails once a week
30. Smile more
31. Do something to make my family proud
32. Stop eating during the night
33. Keep in contact with my family more
34. Try new food
35. Sort my sleeping pattern
36. Have a weekend away with the boyfriend
37. Focus on coursework
38. Plan and organise more
39. Have a girly day with mum
40. Make more sister time with the little sister
41. Practice new styles of makeup
42. Try new hair ideas
43. Read at-least 5 books
44. Try and tweet everyday
45. Do more to help out around the house
46. Go to the cinema once a month
47. Talk to college friends more
48. Help the little sister with her problems
49. Talk to my dad more
50. Help the family keep the house tidy
51. Still be with my boyfriend this time next year
52. Live life to the full and enjoy the year!

Woah I got to work hard to complete all these 52 things! I will keep you posted in whether I complete any of these ideas.

Love char_beyy xxx


  1. Good luck then me durling <3 well I dont think you can ever stop eating during the night but GOOD LUCK XD
    Lots of love from

  2. These are some great ideas! Good luck! I wouldn't have the willpower to be able to pull this off... As much as I'd love to :p

    Christina x

  3. Great post!


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