Sunday, 20 January 2013

A little shopping trip!

Hello ma'lovely's, in my post today I will be showing you a few items I purchased on my little shopping trip that I had with my sister and boyfriend.

After a sleepless night I managed to drag myself out of bed, and look at least half decent in my million layers of clothes and wellies. As you can imagine it was freezing outside with all this snow we have been having, so I made sure I wrapped up warm. Annabelle and I caught a bus to town and while waiting for my boyfriend Chris to arrive we popped into Peacocks. 'Peacocks?' you may ask, yes I thought they had gone bust too.
There wasn't much in there, and nothing that really inspired me.

 We then met up with Chris and walked around town. We went into Boots and Annabelle brought a few beauty products. After that there was only one problem there was no more shops! Not only were the shops shut because it was a Sunday  but MOST of them had closed down. Oh well, we decided to pop into Nandos for lunch. 

It was the first time any of us had been to Nandos and it was quite an experience. Deciding he would be daring, Chris had chicken wings with extra hot sauce. BIG mistake. Woooh it burned my mouth off when I tried some. Chris admitted it was hot, but still managed to eat it all! After a lovely meal, we headed for the out of town shopping centre.

Once there we popped into a few shops; River Island & Outfit. Unfortunately, I did not find anything I really liked, unusual for me as I normally find loads. 

Next we headed to Animal. I found  this amazing bag for only £15, I think it is a great bargain considering you could get this style bag in other shops for a much higher price. It is an aztec design bag and has three pockets.

New look was next on the shopping trip. I managed to find two items I really liked. First is just a black cami top for £2.49, I will wear this underneath my chiffon blouses.

The other item is this gorgeous cream blouse. It has roll up sleeves and tiny box presents all over for detail. I found this beauty in the sale for only £10. 

So there we go, I hope you enjoyed reading about my little shopping trip. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. 

Love Char_Beyy x


  1. love the shirt!

    1. aw thankyou :)feel free to follow for more posts, I just checked out your blog its great x


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