Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My birthday bank holiday weekend!

4th May 2013 
Me: Tick Tock hurry up clock.
Chris: Just go to sleep, it'll be morning before you know it.
Me: Nooo its only 10 more minutes.
Me: *checks facebook* damn nobody posted early.
Chris: Its not your birthday yet.
Me: *Turns around in a grump*
5th May 2013
Chris: Happy Birthday Babe!
*BIG hug and kiss*
A wonderful way to start my birthday :)
Hello ma'lovelys, today I will be sharing with you what I got up to for my birthday.
Before we get to my actual birthday... on Saturday my Grandma took me out shopping to buy me some clothes as my present. We wondered around ALL the shops and I didn't see anything that I particularly liked. After coming out of New Look with nothing I was disappointed. I decided to go back inside to have one last look. I'm so glad I did, found some gorgeous pieces.
Now back to the morning of my birthday. After my BIG hug and kiss, I soon fell asleep - I was knackered. I woke up about 9:30, I headed downstairs for a drink and was bombarded with hugs and singing from my two sisters.
After doing my hair and makeup I made my way downstairs to find a full cooked breakfast awaiting me. NOM NOM NOM!
I had a lovely day in the sun, went for a long walk with Chris. I just enjoyed the sunshine and the company.
Then in the afternoon I opened my cards and presents. Got some lovely gifts, so pleased with some of them.
A few of my birthday cards
Note purse
Nail vanish set
Bracelet from River Island
Necklace from Dorothy Perkins 
Yay finally got the Real Technique brush sets!
Core Collection
Starter Kit
Brush holder
Two Nails Inc polishes
Benefit Ultra Posh Lipgloss
Bare Minerals Lipgloss
Pretty Soap
No7 perfume
Matching bracelet and earrings
DKNY bag with new limited edition perfume.

My mum then brought in my cake, which my Grandma had made especially for me - I LOVE my Grandmas Chocolate Cake!
We then all sat down for a meal that my mum had made, Beef Wellington. It was so cute how she did the hearts.
After food, we call sat down and watched Sky Fall together. A lovely night at the end of a lovely day.
I had a great birthday and would like to thank my family and boyfriend for making it perfect.
Hope you enjoyed finding out about my birthday, feel free to comment :)
Love Char_Beyy xxx


  1. aww looks like you had a really lovely day, and you received some fab things!! love the little hearts on your beef wellington :) xx

    1. hehe thamks, yeaah they were so cute! xx


  2. Omg, love your blog!


    Do you want to follow each other?


  3. aww happy belated birthday hun! x Hayley-Eszti

  4. I love all your buys they are amazing :D especially the brush set xx


  5. It looks like you had a great day! :) that New Look crop top is really nice, it looks like the Topshop Garcon top! :) x


    1. hehe I did thanks :) the top is lovely! xx


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