Monday, 13 January 2014

Sale shopping haul!

I do have another haul post coming soon but this is just a quick post of some of the bits I picked up while shopping 3 day's after Christmas. 

So a couple of day's after the big event of Christmas was over, I went on a little shopping trip into town with my Mum, 2 Sisters, Auntie and Grandma. I needed a new pair of jeans, (as we found out on boxing day when we saw a hole in my favourite jeans while playing games - nice one Char) so that was my excuse for going shopping.

After traipsing around a lot of the shops my family wanted to go into, we popped into Clarke's as they had a good sale on. I really needed a new pair of boots as mine were falling apart, so we browsed all the size 4½'s to 5 sections. After a lot of searching I found some lovely black ankle boots, they fitted well and looked great, but my one dilemma; 'what if I go into another shop and see some boots I prefer' I really liked the boots, but I knew if I went to look in other shops and then come back for them they would be gone. My Auntie then inquired the store about holding onto them for an hour so then I could come back for them if I couldn't find any other boots. Fortunately the store said yes, and so then I was straight out the store, dashing into all the shops, trying on all the boots I could find. Luckily in the last shop on our agenda to find boots, I find the perfect pair. They were very different from the original boots I tried on, they were long and brown but they fitted like a dream. The pair was purchased and I was a happy girl.

So after all the mishap of finding some boots was over, my sister and I popped into New Look. Well they had some gorgeous clothes in the sale, it was just typical that none of the ones I liked were in my size. However I did pick up two things.
I brought this gorgeous purple coat, which I absolutely love. Although my family did laugh at me as I'm known to own quite a few too many coats.
I also managed to pick up these jeans, which are just basic dark skinny's. See, I told you I was going shopping for jeans!

The last shop we popped into was Outfit. The sale was mega and there was loads to choose from but I refrained myself and only brought the one item.
I picked up this beautiful quilted black leather jacket, which is now one of my favourite pieces of clothing to wear. Luckily it had 30% off and I was also able to use a gift card that I received for my birthday.

So that's everything I picked up from the little shopping trip with my family.
What did you pick up in the sales?

Love Charlotte xxx

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  1. I do love a good sale rail! Your black coat is so nice, you got yourself a good bargain with that one! x Hayley-Eszti


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