Thursday, 2 January 2014

Starting off 2014!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are well, and that you had a fabulous Christmas! 
It's the New Year, Woohoo!

First off, sorry for the lack of posts over the festive period. I have just been relaxing and enjoying spending time with my family :)

As promised last year.. I will be doing loads more beauty related posts on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled. Also I am hoping to start making YouTube videos, such a daunting task but hopefully it will go well and you all will enjoy them. I'm going to try and start filming tomorrow, so wish me luck!

The purpose of this post is to fill you in with an exciting project that I am taking part in. 
One typical New Years resolution made by most women this time of year is to become healthier or loose weight. I admit it, I have said this every New Year for the past 5 years, and even though I may have put on a little bit of weight or maybe lost a little, I cannot say I have fully achieved this target.
This is why this year I am not setting that as my goal.
If I am honest I am not making any New Year resolutions. 
I am simply going to try and be happy.

This being said I do want to be healthier, just not to be pressured to do it.

On to the project..
I have decided to join a bunch of gorgeous ladies to help on a quest to be healthier.

Meet the Weight Loss Wednesday gang!

1. Jennifer: Barely There Beauty
2. Emily: Bows and Nails
3. Laura: Shimmer of Pink
4. Sammie: Love from Sammie
5. Lucie: Fatbeautyx
9. Aly: Aleelily
10. Nik: Makeup Junkie
11. Lucy: Lucy Loves
12. Mawuelome: Littered Lipstick
13. Natalie: Natalie's World
14. Becky: Beauty Becky
15. Noor: Day Dreaming
16. Valerie: Ohh Val
17. Natasha: Natasha's Wonderland
18. Michelle: Thou Shalt Not Covet
19. Chloe: Skinny Jeans
23. Emma: Emma Alexandra
24. Amy: Nail the Look
25. Katie: Sugarfixx Beauty
26. Chloe: Thrifty Skies

Our aim: to help, motivate, inspire, encourage & share tips.

If you want more information or to take part, check out the link below from the lovely Jennifer's blog 'Barely There Beauty'

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on posts you would be interested in seeing, feel free to comment below.

Love Charlotte xxx

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