Sunday, 9 June 2013

BBQ 2 weeks in a row! (Picture Heavy)

Hello ma'lovelys, hope we are all well :) Today I wanted to share with you some pictures from my family BBQ last weekend and this weekend. I had two lovely relaxing days, spending time with my family.
 Last weekends BBQ

Firstly dad cracked open a bottle of bubbly!

 It was then time to start the BBQ.

After we finally managed to get it alight without the wind blowing it out,
 we added the food to the BBQ.
Then the little sister and I prepared the salads and laid the table.
Time for food!

After the tasty BBQ I had some lovely pictures taken in the garden.
Then to finish off a gorgeous day I had a delicious White Chocolate Magnum.
(Sorry not the best picture)

This weekends BBQ

This BBQ started off with some Bacardi Breezer.

Mum started off this weeks BBQ.

We had more salad for the BBQ this weekend.

Next Dad and I added the food to the BBQ.

Time for food!.

After the BBQ I had some more lovely pictures taken in the gorgeous sun.
Hope you enjoyed an insight into my last two weekends!
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Love Charlotte xxx


  1. this is making me so hungry haha! xxx

    1. haha, wish the nice weather would stay so we could have some more of these :) xx


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