Sunday, 17 November 2013

Liebster blog award!

I have been nominated for the Liebster blog award!
 I was nominated for this award back in February and I am really happy to have been nominated a second time.

The Rules:
 - State 11 Facts about myself
 - Answer 11 Questions from A Simple Melody
 - Create 11 Questions of my own and tag other blogs to do the tag.

11 Facts

1. I don't like tea or coffee
2. I have dyed my hair Ginger, Black, Blue, Red, Purple and Brown.
3.I have a fear or heights but I do go on rides.
4. I have one piercing - my ears.
5. I am a mixture between a 4, 4½ and 5 size feet.
6. My first and one & only pet is Cleo Cat.
7. My boyfriend and I have been together nearly 3 years.
8. I get a cold rash - it's like a heat rash but I only occasionally get it when I am freezing cold.
9. I am studying Part Time in Makeup and Manicure.
10. I am English and moved to Wales when I was 4 ½.
11. I want to be a Makeup Artist.

Questions from A Simple Melody

1. What's your favourite autumn trend?
I love boots and cute bobble hats.

2. Favourite autumn/winter snack?
Cheeselets - They only come around Christmas time.

3. Any Christmas traditions? 
We open Christmas Stockings in the morning and then open the rest of the presents throughout the day. We also all go to choose the Christmas Tree from our local area.
4. Favourite Blog at the moment?
Ohhh so hard to choose, as I love all my blogging girls. But at the moment I love Harriet's blog 'Byootee', she does some fab makeup tutorials.

5. Do you have any Mac lipsticks?
Nope :( I wish I did, there are some on my Christmas List.

6. Favourite autumn/winter shoes? 
My little brown booties from NewLook.

7. One thing on your Christmas list?
Tough question! Urban Decay Naked Palette One, Two and maybe Three? ;)

8. What is your favourite autumn candle scent?
If I am honest I don't really have any candles (I know, weird for a beauty blogger)
But I do love the smell of oranges and cinnamon this time of year.

9. Favourite band/musician?
Girls Aloud, Spice girls and Sclub were my childhood favourite bands.
I love Jessie J, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.
Also Olly Murs, Michael Buble, Garry Barlow & Eminem.
Linkin park and A Day To Remember.
One Republic & One Direction.
Sorry.. I got carried away - I love loads of different types of music.

10. Favourite YouTuber?
Can't choose!
Fleur De Force, Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter & friends! haha

11. Favourite drug store foundation?
Does No7 count? I love their Beautifully Matte foundation.

My Questions

1. What is your favourite lipstick shade that you could wear all year round?
 (You can choose one high end and one low end product)

2. Do your prefer to curl your hair using heat or a less damaging method?

3. What is your favourite TV show?

4. Do you prefer bright, dark or pastel lips?

5. Who is your role model(s) and why?

6. Who wakes up the earliest on Christmas Day in your household?

7. What personality trait do you find the most attractive in a person?

8. What fashion trend do you never want to see come back?

9. What is your favourite quote from a Film or TV show?

10. Who is your celebrity crush, male and female?

11. What was your first ever makeup product you used?

The 11 bloggers I nominate!

- Sophie from A Hint Of Sparkle
- Emma from EFXO
- Rosie from Rosie Louise Love
-Faye from Faye Olivia
- Harriet from Byootee
- Laura from Tease Flutter Pout
-Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie
- LuLu from LuLuSaysss
- Katie from SubtleCoral
- Jessica from Coffee And Cosmetics
-Shaz from A Pinch of Shaz

A BIG thank you to A Simple Melody for nominating me!

I hope you enjoyed learning some new facts about myself.

Love Charlotte xxx

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