Sunday, 8 December 2013

First week of December Advent Calendars!

So today I wanted to do a little round up of what I have received in my Advent Calendars this week.

I have three Advent Calendars; a milky bar one, a dairy milk one and a Boots Beauty one.
Obviously in the first two I only get chocolate but everyday I receive something different from the Boots Beauty Advent Calendar.

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar
(sorry for the bad photographs)


Behind door No 1 

Behind door No 2

Behind door No 3

Behind door No 4

Behind door No 5

Behind door No 6

Behind door No 7

Behind door No 8

My Opinions
I am really loving the little gifts behind each door. 
The two mini perfume samples smell gorgeous but you can get those types of things for free.
The balmi lip balm is amazing, very moisturizing.
I haven't tried the nail polish yet, but it is a beautiful red shade.
I am pleased with the Soap and Glory product, you cannot go wrong with a bit of S&G.
The mini Rimmel foundation and the Vichy serum I have not tried yet, but I am looking forward to testing them out.
As for today's gift, I am not impressed. Yes it is a lovely hair band, but I was hoping for something a bit more substantial from a beauty advent calendar. 

Overall so far so good. If you want to keep updated with what I receive everyday, follow me on Instagram @char_beyy for pictures.

Love Charlotte xxx


  1. Congrats on your 100th post!
    Can we follow each other? :)

  2. Bit disappointing with the perfume and hairband, but I am so jealous of the balmi! I have a pink one and am obsessed so I'm sure you'll love it. I received a tiny version of this serum in my Glossybox and loved it too, so that's definitely a good gift!
    Please keep posting about the rest of the calender - love having a good nose! xx

  3. You have been getting some great things in your Boots calendar! I do wish the US did a little better in the beauty advent calendar department.


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