Saturday, 7 December 2013

My presents from TeaPartyBeauty's #bloggersecretsanta!

I have received my first Christmas presents!

A few months ago the lovely Hayley from TeaPartyBeauty set up the #bloggersecretsanta. 
Basically all who would be taking part would be matched to another blogger within the same price range. When you received your match you were given the budget, a list of 3 items that the person dislikes and also any information on relevant allergies.

Well as soon as I received my match I started buying. I had so much fun choosing the gifts, and wrapping them all up.
As soon as December arrived, I sent off the presents.

Well a couple of days later I received a package in the post, all excited (like every package I receive) I ripped it open and found a really cute wrapped present and card. If I am honest I had forgot that I would be receiving a present too.

I umm'd and ahhh'd about opening my present, I really wanted to save it until Christmas day.
Eventually I gave in and opened it up and I am so glad I did.

So here's what I received!

My Christmas Card!

Designers at Debenhams Labyrinth Knit Beanie by Henry Holland!

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets!

MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base Yeux!

OhMyGosh I couldn't be more pleased with the gifts that I received.

Just look at that beanie! ^^
Look how cute it is! It is so me and I have a feeling it is going to be overly used this Winter.

Secondly, my Secret Santa has been stalking me haha!
I have wanted to try blotting sheets for a while now, what with my oily skin and all.
So I am really pleased to have received these and I cannot wait to try them out.

Finally the MAC eye base, this has been one of the items on my list to get. I really wanted to try an eye base to see if it would help my shadow last longer and not crease. So hopefully this will do the job.

Thank You so much My Secret Santa!
 You have done so well, and I cannot wait to find out who you are so I can thank you properly.

I hope you enjoyed this post and liked what I received, feel free to comment below :)

Love Charlotte xxx


  1. oh what amazing gifts, love that blog stalking went on x

  2. you received some fab gifts!!! I would love to know how you get along with prep and prime :) xx

  3. Great post :)
    <3 victorique

  4. Seems like she picked you some really thoughtful gifts! :) x


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