Thursday, 5 December 2013

Versatile blog award!

I have been nominated for the Versatile blog award!
I was nominated for this award back in January and I am so pleased I have been recognized again for doing something I absolutely love.

The rules:
- You must put the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog. 
- Make sure you thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog post.
- Write 7 random facts about yourself and nominate 7 other bloggers.

A BIG thank you to LuLu from LuLuSaysss!
Lu is an amazing blogger and I have been reading her lovely blog for a while.  She writes some really different and interesting posts but still includes beauty, so if your looking for something a bit different I suggest you check out her blog!

7 Random Facts

1. I am obsessed with Supernatural. I haven't long been a fan of supernatural, a few months ago I hadn't really heard about it. My cousin and my sister are to blame for this addiction as they kept going on about how amazing it was, and that made me too curious so I had to watch an episode. Since then I have fallen in love with the TV series and now can't stop thinking about it (how weird).
There are too many good looking men in this show.

2. I am currently loving NESCAFE's Double Choca Mocha's. I don't like tea or coffee but I think this is the closest I'm going to get. It's basically chocolate coffee.

3. I have qualifications in Performing Arts and IT computing. However it is the world of beauty I would love a career in.

4. I have not grown in 11 months, from January until now I am still 5ft exact. I have the feeling I am going to be this height forever :(

5. I love Coronation Street and sometimes while watching it actually feel like I am part of it. I get so attached to the characters, and it has some really emotional story lines. 

6. As well as chocolate (my addiction) my favourite foods at the moment are:
 Iced buns, Sausages, Red peppers and Croquette potatoes.

7. It is quite hard to choose a favourite film, but one film that I absolutely love is 
'Fairy Tale: A True Story' this film just melts my heart.

The 7 bloggers I nominate!

- Sophie from A Hint Of Sparkle
- Emma from EFXO
- Rosie from Rosie Louise Love
-Faye from Faye Olivia
- Harriet from Byootee
- Laura from Tease Flutter Pout
-Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie

I hope you all liked learning some new facts about me.

Love Charlotte xxx

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  1. Hey, finally made it over here! Great blog and congrats on the award!


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