Friday, 13 December 2013

Happy 1st Blogging Birthday!

Well doesn't time fly when you are having fun. This day last year I wrote my first blog post.
I first started writing on my blog called Char_Beyy, I was so pleased and excited that I had my own little place on the internet. It enabled me to show my personality and be creative. My first post was a This Or That TAG, see post here. Oh gosh, that was so cringey reading it over - my English was terrible.

After blogging for six months I decided that my blog needed a change, a new name and a new design. After careful consideration I chose the name Little Miss C. I wish now that I had been more careful, as I want to change the name again, but that's another story. I came up with a colour scheme and then went ahead changing parts of the design and layout slowly but surely. I do like my blog design at the moment but there are still some things I would love to change. I think that no blogger is ever entirely pleased with their design as new ideas always pop up in their heads.

Blogging a year has been a long emotional journey. There has been blogging highs (reaching a certain amount of followers and reading lovely comments) & blogging lows (receiving nasty comments and motivation loss) but I wouldn't change it. Blogging has helped me in so many ways, it has given me confidence and something to focus on. It has made me realize what I want to pursue my career in, and it has given me the opportunity to talk to so many amazing and lovely bloggers.

I would like to thank each and every one of you. To all of my readers and to all my blogging friends who have supported me, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!
I intend to keep on blogging as it is something that has become very close to my heart, and I hope you all stick around and keeping on reading.
I will be doing a giveaway, to thank you all. However that will happen next year when the days of spending money on Christmas presents are over.

I hope you are all having a lovely day!

Love Charlotte xxx


  1. Have a happy blog birthday - well done! :o) Xx

  2. Happy Happy Blog Birthday gorgeous girl!! :) xx

  3. Aw happy blog birthday hun

    Hannah xxx

  4. Happy Blog Birthday :) Love your blog!

  5. Happy 1st Birhday little miss c! Here's to another year of blogging fun :) x Hayley-Eszti


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